Mozilla Firefox Club is proud to present you all with "Bug Venture", the game of Bugs and brains, a quest in which you will solve bugs to get such questions which will bend your mind and make you think twice about your capabilities and your choices. Your every choice might take you to a different turn... But only one path will lead you to the victory so do you have what it takes to be the "Usain Bolt" of the world of finding Bugs and making correct choices?

The second and one of the most interesting events of Gravitas to be presented by Mozilla Firefox Club is " INSIGHT ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE". This event is to be conducted on 5th and 6th September and will have details of AI their applications, their uses , projects that even the beginners can understand. This is a chance to look on the insights of AI and to decide whether the impacts of AI can be handled or whether it has the power to change the future or to control it.

Mozilla Firefox club is organising a fun event called 'GEEK HUNT' for riviera which is a treasure hunt cum quiz game .

There'll be two rounds with the first one being an exciting treasure hunt decoding the clues followed by a rapid fire quiz based on your favourite show.

Participate and take away exciting goodies from your favourite show.



The symposium starts on 16th March 2018 with the inaugural ceremony.

Workshop on Cyber Security

Workshop on Data Mining

Code-A-Thon Event

Cyber Security Workshop

This workshop basically involves various techniques in Cyber Security such as Data Security & Hide Techniques, Spyware, Keylogger & Virus Security and various other interesting topics. During this workshop students get to learn the basics of Ethical Hacking, Internet, Networking and Hacking. They also get an insight on how the Hackers gather information and how to protect the same (Practical session).
Besides, students get familiar with Desktop/PC Security, Antivirus & IDS (Practical session); Web Security and Email Security as well. As we proceed further, students get to know more about Mobile Security, Wireless Security, Passwords Security, Social Media Security and Cyber Abuse.
Finally the workshop comes to an end with the students attending the tests on all the topics they've learned so far.

Data Mining Workshop

It revolves around the topics like Introduction to Data Mining, Data Warehouse and OLAP and Data pre-processing.
Students gather an idea on Data mining knowledge representation, Attribute-oriented analysis, Data mining algorithms and Association rules. They are also taught about Data mining algorithms:Classification and Prediction. Evaluation is also done on what's been learned.
Moreover, this workshop covers Mining real data, Advanced techniques and Data Mining software applications. At the end of this workshop, a small competition is organized among the participating students and winners are awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.


It is a competitive coding event which would be based on coding skills and the way the participants solve given problems.
Participants can code in language of their choice.  Teams of two or three are to be registered. Real life problems to be provided to the participants, which they need to solve and code.There are two rounds to check the progress of teams. The teams need to have satisfactory progress in first round to enter the final round.  The code is examined on run time, working efficiency, space utilized etc.
A jury of three judges decide the results. Finally the prize distribution ceremony takes place by felicitating all the winners of Mozfest.
Thus, the symposium comes to an end with the phenomenal CULTURAL NIGHT ! Food will be provided in the cultural night on first come first serve basis.