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Mozilla Firefox Club VIT is one of the largest developers' communities in VIT University aiding you to change your ideas into reality. It is a technical club dedicated to expand the technical know-how and productivity of all the future engineers and scientists.It is a common platform for intercollege Technical Activities. Under the precious guidance of the faculty members, this club is all set to and will create new horizons in the development of the college.

Members have immense dedication and devotion towards work, and toil very hard with a "never say die" spirit to achieve a singular goal of excellence in the field of technology with insuppressible zeal. Here at MFC-VIT, we upgrade, stimulate, and educate our fellow members to succeed in our ambitious dreams! This club constitutes handful of students but represents the wishes of all the students and duty to steer the college towards a brighter and glorious future, all set to make a dent in the universe.


As part of the prestigious Mozilla Campus Clubs program, the club aims to technically strengthen the students by integrating their skills in various fields of Engineering & technology, so as to confront with the highly competitive environment. We provide a morale boosting system for the talented youth through our professional endeavors and inspire each other to follow our academic interests and goals.

We aim at providing a platform where the neoteric ideas of students could be nurtured and students can be prepared in such a way that they can face any hurdles in the way of learning and can deal with the ever changing or dynamic technology. To enhance the students practical knowledge horizon, we organize different workshops, seminars, events mentored by influential, talented and experienced people and competitions on various technical level within the college.


We believe in a practical and interactive way of learning. Therefore, our club is divided into 6 domains: Management, Media, Technical, Photography, Design and Editorial, for the efficient and structured flow of our Club's activities.


This domain is for students who are engrossed with discovering, exploring and learning more about technology. It is the "functioning-organ" of our club thereby justifying its type.


The Management domain is built to assist the club members of MFC team for systematic and effective functioning of the club. It is the ultimate "power-house" of the club.


The purpose of this domain is to promote and encourage interest in the field of graphic and media design to students. It instigates and enriches the creativeness among the students of the club.


This domain comprises of a group of creative and talented students intrigued in digital media world to explore and nurture their creativity and ignite in themselves a passion for various technical aspects of the media.


This domain provides exclusive exposure to students in order to unleash their creativity as well as develop intellectual writing capabilities so as to produce authentic content in authentic styles.


Bug Venture

Mozilla Firefox Club is proud to present you all with "Bug Venture", the game of Bugs and brains, a quest in which you will solve bugs to get such questions which will bend your mind and make you think twice about your capabilities and your choices.

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Insight on Artelligence

One of the most interesting events of Gravitas to be presented by Mozilla Firefox Club is " INSIGHT ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE". This event will have details of AI its applications, uses, projects that even the beginners can understand.

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Geek Hunt

Loosen up a bit, roam a little with friends, enjoy the moment, be acute and swift! Decode the clues, follow the tracks and hit the treasure. Here comes the Geek-hunt Adventure!

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This symposium is a three-day technical fest on a national scale based on the theme “Securing the Technical World”. Events conducted during the symposium are- Cyber security workshop, Data Mining workshop, Code-A-Thon along with Prize distribution and Cultural night.

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Machine Learning

MFC-VIT is pleased to present our very first medium article on Machine Learning which helps you to put your first foot forward in the world where "Computers see, hear and learn".
Welcome to the future!

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Cyber Security

We live in a digital era where our private information is more vulnerable than ever before. There comes cybersecurity to rescue! This concept elaborates how to protect the crucial informations and the systems used to process or store it. This article on Cybersecurity helps you learn more of it.

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Linear Regression

Have been hearing the Machine Learning (ML) hype? Confused as to where to start? Don't worry, Mozilla Firefox Club VIT comes to save the day! Learn the basics of ML in simple, easy to understand language. Explore one of your first ML Models, learn Linear Regression from scratch!

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Introduction to Algorithms

Are you looking for a guide to get you started with Algorithms?
No matter what the case, look no further as our team member has simplified it for you in his medium article- Introduction to Algorithms. From searching and sorting to time complexity, he has covered it all most simply and understandably.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is as intelligent now as the internet was 25 years ago." While blockchain technology is still in the infancy phase of its life-cycle, the range of companies and industries working to bring it to maturity may surprise you.

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How Powerful is Python?

Just learnt python, want to explore other fields? Don't worry we have an article delving into the depths of different fields from web development to game creation, all using python! Be amazed with all the fields you could branch out into just with the knowledge of python!

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Backend through the

lens of Frontend Developer

Front-end development is just the 'presentation' or formally defined as 'client-side programming' and it deals with what one can see and interact with, while backend is responsible for behind-the-scenes activities while performing an action on a website.

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Starting to learn Web development, confused with CSS? Can't understand the rules and styles of CSS and stuck with bad designs that look wierd on mobile? Do not worry, you can learn Bootstrap, a famous CSS library to style webpages responsively with a few line of codes!

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Mr. Jayakumar S


Faculty Coordinator

Presenting board of 2022-2023






Vice Chairperson



General Secretary



Co - Secretary



Technical Chair



Creative Chair



Editorial Chair



Projects Chair

Yash Raj


Research and Development Chair

Ann Mary


Outreach Chair

Presenting Mentors of 2022-2023



ML Mentor



Media Mentor



UI/UX Mentor